product packaging tipsMany manufacturers believe that the quality of their product matters most, and try to scrimp on the product packaging in order to increase profits. Of course, we’re in business to make profits, but consumers often judge a product by the quality and attractiveness of the packaging. Unless they’ve tried your product before, you need attractive packaging to get them to even give your product an opportunity to impress them.

Use these expert product packaging tips to give your product packaging that highlights its value and uniqueness.

Your product – front and center

Don’t be so caught up in promoting the benefits of your product that you leave out the most important point: the product. A customer needs to know exactly what they’re buying (benefits aside) within four seconds.

Be unique – but not too much so

You obviously want to stand out from the competition with your unique product. But when it comes to product packaging, consumers associate certain shapes, styles and colors with certain product types. Don’t let them mistake your product for something it’s not. Of course, you can draw inspiration from other product categories in terms of memorable impression and incorporate that in your own product packaging somehow. But stick by the industry’s pre-defined rules as to the type of product packaging in which your product is typically sold.

Make it reusable

In a world of overflowing landfills, make your packaging reusable. What can your customers do with the product packaging once the product has been removed? Most consumers love receiving double benefits from a product.

Avoid false advertising

There’s a difference between representing your product in the best light possible, but a customer wants to know what he or she is buying. Being untruthful about what’s inside the box might trick someone into buying it once, but never again. It will most certainly cost you repeat business, and open you up to false advertising.

Create a visual experience

Consumers will judge your brand by the product packaging, no matter what you do, so find a way to let them connect to your product, and to let your product connect to the brand while providing a visual explanation of the purpose of the product.

Make it simple

There’s nothing worse than being excited to use a product, just to have the hardest time possible carrying, opening and discarding (if it’s not reusable) of the packaging. Make it durable, firm and easy to carry and open.

Consider transparency

If you’re proud of your product, consider going for transparent packaging. This truly shows your customers that you have faith in your product, and you are confident that they will, too.

Make it scalable

When you put your first product on the market, you have great ambitions, and probably a few more ideas up your sleeve. Make sure that your product packaging for your initial release can be scaled and used with the same logo or packaging design when you introduce the new products.

It’s evident from looking at market trends that poor product packaging can negatively affect the sales of your product. Therefore, always put a lot of thought into your products package design.