Recently, Business Development Manager, Louis Conti, of Conti Systems visited IIMAK Headquarters in western New York. Established in 1993, Conti Systems is a full-service provider of barcoding, labeling, and product identification solutions. The Texas-based company specializes in all types of consumable products such as custom and stock label media, thermal transfer ribbons, heat shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, and card solutions.

During his visit, Louis toured IIMAK’s manufacturing facilities, which consists of two adjacent plants and a distribution center, totalling 350,000 sq. feet. “I never realized just how much goes into producing a thermal transfer ribbon. They start with making the ink. Then, the multiple layers of ink are coated on PET master rolls in one pass through presses that are 3 stories high.” The next stop on the tour was converting. Here, the master rolls are converted into rolls that will fit in the printer. Louis continued, “The speed and output rate of IIMAK’s automated slitters was impressive. The team works around the clock to meet demand.”

What makes IIMAK ribbons stand apart from the rest? According to Louis, it’s the combination of a great product and the outstanding service that IIMAK provides.

“IIMAK has a great product and outstanding service we can rely on. Integrating this into our full-service offering has allowed us to succeed in a competitive market and increase our business sales.”

An IIMAK partner for over 20 years, Conti Systems relies on many IIMAK services in securing new  business such as IIMAK’s comprehensive technical support. This includes 24-hour print testing with generic reports that can be provided directly to end users. Conti Systems utilizes this information to help its customers find the optimal solutions for their particular need.

Conti Systems has been successful in marketing thermal transfer overprint (TTO) ribbons for flexible packaging applications in the snack food industry. Louis shared a few tips for other resellers who want to get into this market. “We start with packaging engineers or maintenance managers – if you don’t get their buy-in, the purchasing team usually won’t be successful. You need a full service offering to stand out from other suppliers. In this business, that means stocking product on site for same day shipping and offering replacement printheads.” IIMAK near edge ribbons NETFLEX+ and the new NET330 have been specifically developed for in-line packaging applications. These ribbons deliver high print quality at a competitive price.

IIMAK is pleased to serve Conti Systems and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership.