Conti Systems

Custom Labels

With our large fleet of flexographic and digital presses, along with our extensive die collection, we are an ideal supplier for your custom label needs. We can prepare all artwork and plates in-house, allowing us to maintain tight control over cost, quality and speed of production. Also, since we can print up to 10 colors as well as four color process, the possibilities we can offer are endless.  If you are looking for a custom label quote please contact us.

  • All Shapes and Sizes for Just About Every Application
  • A Wide Array of Face Stocks & Adhesives
  • Printing up to 10 Colors
  • Full Color Decorative Prime
  • Varnishing, Laminating and Adhesive Deadening
  • Variable Imaging and Barcoding
  • Polyester, BOPP, Polyimide, Vinyl & Other Films
  • Tag Material

Digital Labels

Digital labels help you with short run label projects.  They offer rich 4-color process printing in ANY shape label up to 8.7“ wide (with up to 10” wide web) in virtually any length with high quality inkjet printing and laser die cutting.

With digital labels you can now get high quality labels with impressively quick turnarounds and low pricing. With quantities as low as 100 labels and no need for plates or dies; you save big.


With our in-line precision laser die cutter there are no costly dies. That means any shape, no matter how complicated, can be produced literally at the speed of light; including perforations. Think of those unique labels that would have been too costly to produce in the past.

Digital labels offer a wide variety of face stocks, adhesives, laminates and UV coatings to suit all your needs.

Technology is quickly reshaping the label landscape and Conti Systems is leading the way with digital label production. With our fleet of digital presses, we offer you high quality process color printing on many different materials and adhesives. Plus, with our in-line laser die cutting, you can have virtually any shape label without incurring any die charges.

Ideal for:  High Color Labels, Short to Medium Runs, Unique Shapes, Versioned Labels, Test Production Runs, Durable Labels, and Promotional Labels.

Decorative Prime Labels

Conti Systems is your expert source for decorative product labeling needs. We have a large fleet of presses, both flexographic and digital, that produce four color process work as well as up to 10 PMS colors. Combine that with our vast die collection, laser die cutting, and array of available materials, we have the ability to produce just about any type of high color marketing label, in both small and large runs.

UL/CSA Labels

If you have clients requiring durable labels, or labels that are compliant with UL/CSA standards, let us help you get them the right product. Conti Systems is officially certified by UL/CSA to manufacture labels according to their strict testing guidelines (both Type L and Type R marks). This means we have passed their rigorous investigative process regarding our manufacturing, quality control, and material acquisition operations. And, we maintain all proper records to ensure on-going compliance.

UL/CSA audits our facilities at least quarterly to verify that we are maintaining the proper standards. This means you are assured that your UL/CSA labels you provide your clients are completely up to date with the latest requirements.

Remember, only labels that have been manufactured by a certified UL/CSA manufacturer can legally carry the UL/CSA logo. Don’t get caught with non-complying labels; let Conti Systems assist you in getting the officially certified labels you need.

Barcode Labels & Variable Imaging Labels

Conti Systems offers several method, both in-line and off-line, to produce variable imaged labels with barcodes, graphic images and data. Plus, we offer both monochrome and full color imaging to meet your client’s needs. By working with you, we help to determine the best method of applying variable images and data to your labels with the goal being to provide you with the highest quality as the lowest cost. Often, we UV print, varnish or laminate variable imaged labels in order to increase their durability and visual appeal.

For barcodes, we utilize electronic scanners during the production process to ensure the barcodes read properly, and at high speeds. This is critical for applications where the barcodes are scanned by automated equipment or at far distances.