Conti Systems

Custom Product Labels

Conti Systems designs and manufactures custom product labels to help your packaging stand out on the shelves. A well-designed, visually appealing product label facilitates an emotional connection between the buyer and your brand, which is why investing in a quality label is worthwhile. Show off the quality of your products with a high quality label.

Custom product labels from Conti Systems are weatherproof, durable and easy to apply. Your labels are printed on a premium material with protective laminate and suitable for many different uses. Our state-of-the-art printing technology enables us to print any type of label design fast and to the highest quality level.

Custom Product Labels: Technical Details

At Conti Systems, your imagination is our only limit. We can print labels in any shape or size for any application using precision laser die cut equipment, making unique labels much more affordable than they were in the past. Let your creativity flow with up to 10 print colors per any run, or choose our full color decorative prime option.

Our array of adhesives and face stocks ensure durability across a variety of uses. From polyester, BOPP, polyimide, vinyl to other films, and tag material, we can create the perfect custom product labels for your needs using our extensive fleet of digital and flexographic presses. We also offer adhesive deadening, laminating, and varnishing of all our custom product labels, and apply UV coatings to suit your needs.

Conti Systems: Custom Product Labels

Our most popular custom labels include:

  • Digital labels, suitable for High Color Labels, Short to Medium Runs, Unique Shapes, Versioned Labels, Test Production Runs, Durable Labels, and Promotional Labels.
  • Decorative Prime Labels with four-color process work and 10 PMS colors for just about any type of high color marketing label, in both small and large runs.
  • UL/CSA Labels to produce highly durable labels that conform to UL/CSA standards.
  • Barcode Labels and Variable Imaging Labels for barcodes that can be read accurately at high speeds and at far distances.

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