Many different adhesives are available on both paper and films. Equivalent adhesives can usually be found though. A wider selection is found on paper face stock. Some adhesive types are as follows:



This is a general-purpose adhesive that works for your everyday run-of-the-mill applications such as corrugated, paper, and plastics. This adhesive will not necessarily work in every corrugated, paper or plastic application. Some types may need a specialty adhesive. This adhesive can generally be applied as low as 25-35F and has a service temperature range of -50F – +150F.


This adhesive has so many variances based on substrate applied to and the length of time for removability. These adhesives also come in different levels of aggressiveness. The best advice is to find out the substrate being applied to and the length of time for removability and we will find a solution.


A specialty adhesive formulated to securely affix to virtually any substrate, be removed intact and repositioned many times over a 5-year period. MultiTak™ will leave no stain, discoloration or residue. It complies with FDA 21CFR175.105 for indirect food contact. And, it meets repulpability standard, Tappi UM113. NOTE – Lead times and minimums will vary by product.


These adhesives are used when a permanent just is not strong enough to stick. Sometimes a little greater initial tack is needed and the hot melt aggressive adhesives will work great. Always test our permanent first as a cost savings, you would be surprised how often it will do the job.


Into this category I lump cold-temp and freezer as well. These adhesives generally have an application temp down to -20F and their service temp range is the same as the permanent. We would test this if labels are being applied in a freezer or are going directly into a freezer after application. Another reason to use this adhesive is when condensation is on substrate. Sometimes these adhesives work well when a slight chance of removability is necessary.


This adhesive is also sometimes known as block-out adhesive. This is made only in a permanent formulation and is used to cover up errors or block out sensitive data.


Other adhesives exist, such as water-activated and patterns, but are not as widely used.


Liners come in different colors and thicknesses depending on their application. Thicker liners are used for fanfold and sheeted applications for lay-flat capability. Some liners are made stronger for high-speed applicators. Raw material manufacturers spec out materials the best liner for most applications; custom are sometimes available.