This depends on the industry and application, but in general, the person you need to speak with is the user of the integrated label, or the forms and labels that you want to transform into an integrated label. For instance, in a shipping and logistics company head right over to the warehouse and speak with the manager there. They have a direct interest in making sure they have the best product for their operation. And, if they don’t control the purchase, they know who does and they heavily influence a decision.

In pharmacy applications, the head of the pharmacy group itself will be key to decision making on integrated labels. This is typically someone at the corporate office who is responsible for the effectiveness of the pharmacies themselves.

Marketing departments are great places to make an integrated label sales call because they are always looking for new ways to get effective marketing messages across to their clients. And, if they can get their message to ride free in a package that they know will be opened and seen by their client, even better.