You’ve heard about integrated Labels, seen them in action, but wonder if they are worth pursuing? Well, they are! Since introducing our integrated product line, we have seen significant activity.

We originally thought the product line would be mostly stock item based, but have since learned this product line is also very much a custom one. That means you have stock items for smaller applications or for use with standardized software packages, but the big volume will come through as a custom product.

This guide is designed to help you sell integrated labels by giving you some additional information and answering the most frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact us at

Who uses Integrated Labels?

There are many industries and applications for integrated labels.

The most common ones are:


Integrated labels are a great way to both ship a product and invoice it at the same time. In one document, the client has everything they need to send out an item and present a bill for payment.

Direct Mail Shipments

At times, a direct mail shipment will need to be returned. With an integrated label, a client has the return label built right into the pack list, making it easy for the purchaser to return product they decided they don’t want or need.

Pharmacy Applications

With an integrated label, a pharmacist is able to print important patient education information about the prescription as well as the labels that are applied to the prescription bottle or box. This allows for an exact match, making it easier and quicker to fill prescriptions for their clients.

Gift Messages

With an integrated label, it is very easy to ship a product and include a gift message for recipient. It allows you to include your marketing message as part of the fulfillment operation so the recipient receives both the product and message at the same time.

Service Reminders

Integrated labels are a very efficient way to provide a client with a copy of their service receipt along with a preprinted service reminder. This is highly useful in the automotive market for repairs, oil changes, and tire rotations.