The most obvious benefit to a client is the fact that one combined document can do the work of two or more individual documents. There are tremendous efficiencies to be had through minimizing the activities necessary to pick, pack, ship and invoice products.

Because an integrated label combines all components into one document, operational errors are reduced, allowing your clients to better service their customers.

There are also cost savings related to the product itself. You only need one document so you save on printing costs. You minimize your inventory which reduces obsolescence.

If your client already uses a form/label combination or a patch integrated product, they will see savings by purchasing our in-line produced integrated label.

Providing test product is a great way to entice a client to try your integrated label idea. With the many integrated label stock items Conti Systems carries, you can offer to provide a supply, such as 100, 200 or 250, which they can run and see for themselves how the document functions in their printers. Conti Systems will provide you with these samples at no cost.

Remember, with integrated labels, you are selling a system that saves time and money. You should be able to gain a higher margin; just be sure to articulate the operational savings your client will receive from the new document.