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Features Of The RepairEngine Online Portal

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Instant Repair Authorization (RA)

Get your repair call started or repair authorization number and packing slip immediately – no waiting for a call back or an email to arrive. The repair process starts with the RA and RepairEngine provides multiple, easy-to-use methods to begin. Access RA generation from your RepairEngine dashboard or instantly generate an RA for any IT asset in RepairEngine’s asset table to auto-populate necessary product information.

LiveData Exchange

RepairEngine always delivers up-to-date information about the status of repairs or calls to improve and speed communication between equipment users and support teams. RepairEngine’s LiveData Real Time Data Exchanger uses XML to facilitate near instantaneous communication between Lexicon, other repair providers and your team.

Online Approvals

Allows users to easily and instantly manage (approve or decline) any or all repair authorizations as required online via RepairEngine. Easy and fast repair approval speeds up the repair process and results in faster turn times.

Automatic Alerts

Throughout RepairEngine we’ve integrated the use of automated emails that trigger when important actions, such as RA creation, estimate creation, estimate approval, call status updates or shipment, occur. Repair Engine keeps you up to date and alerted to important repair events and actions that require your attention – issues that can speed up repair completion.

Shipment Tracking

RepairEngine is linked to the tracking systems of all major parcel carriers. When a repair is shipped the carrier tracking number is provided to you in an automatic email and linked to your service order in RepairEngine to easily track your return shipment.

Asset Management

RepairEngine’s asset management makes the daunting task of keeping up with many expensive and often widely dispersed technology assets, even mobile devices, much easier. View the operating status and location of all technology assets deployed across the division or enterprise. Asset information can be captured when repairs are submitted or through the Microsoft Excel import function

Contract Management

RepairEngine integrates maintenance contract management for enterprise technology devices to make day to day operational management easier. Improved visibility for the functional status of contract devices by location, repair performance versus contract service level agreements, repair history by contract, and impending contract expiration information, saves valuable user admin time.

Powerful Analytics

RepairEngine puts together transaction and history data to help you identify negative trends, track turn times, monitor service level agreements and spot failure patterns to drive performance and cost improvements. Analyze trends by location, model, operator, etc. to determine root causes and implement corrective actions to eliminate excessive downtime; identify opportunities to reduce maintenance costs.

Routing Logic

RepairEngine’s powerful dynamic repair routing module provides support for multiple service providers seamlessly. Synchronization with other service providers gives RepairEngine users a central system for all service requests, management, tracking and reporting.

Automatic Memory

When generating a repair authorization, RepairEngine automatically remembers key device-specific information and auto-populates fields based on serial number. This time saving feature also reminds the user of the warranty and contract status of the device.

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