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Shipping & Packing Labels

HMIS Labels 

The Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) was developed for employees who work with or near hazardous materials. They need to be able to quickly determine and understand the potential hazard and precautions they should take. The system ranks severity of the hazards into three categories and notes the best configuration of safety equipment for working with the material.

D.O.T Labels 

If your clients manufacture or ship hazardous materials, they often need to comply with Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) federal regulations regarding notifications of the hazard in the package, carton, container, or drum. This is covered in 49CFR of D.O.T. rules. The labels must be retained on the packaging until it is sufficiently cleaned of residue and purged of vapors. Proper D.O.T. labels ensure that products reach their destination without costly fines and rejections. They clearly identify contents and provide special instructions to ensure packages will be handled properly based on EPA and D.O.T. specifications and regulations. At Conti Systems, we have you covered with a wide selection of D.O.T. labels that you can offer to your clients so they effectively meet D.O.T. requirements.

ORM Labels

ORM stands for “Other Regulated Materials” according to D.O.T. regulations 49 CFR 172.316. They are used to easily and quickly mark shipments that fall under this category, such as aerosols, flammables and ammunition that weigh less than 66 lbs.

Shipping & Mailing Labels

Conti Systems offers many labels to assist your clients in properly identifying the care needed to handle their mailed items. They are designed to catch the attention of the postal worker, alert them to the nature of package, and how to best handle it.

Pictoral International Labels

These labels use standardized, internationally recognized, pictures to educate the user on how to handle specific types of products during the shipping and warehousing processes. At Conti Systems we offer many types of pictorial International labels for virtually every application.