Shrink sleeves continue to grow in popularity, and appear to be a market driven mainly by the consumer.  People really like the attractive full body coverage shrink sleeves can offer over traditional labels.  They can be customized very easily, which is appealing to the consumer,  but it is also appealing to the brand owners as well.  They can get very creative with the designs, and really make their product stand out.  This allows them to build customer loyalty much easier.

Label and package manufacturers were initially hesitant to enter the market due to the investment and technology required.  However, they are quickly realizing that the product has many features that make them beneficial, and reduce costs.  Some of the features can offer things like protection against abrasion, resistance to moisture, UV light protection, and tamper evident security.

With projections of the shrink sleeve market growing to more than 13 billion by 2020, it is definitely one of the hottest label technologies out there.  Let our design team here at Conti Systems help you create the perfect shrink sleeve to manufacture for your product.  Just give us a call toll free at 1-800-479-9333 to learn more, or visit us online at