Learn how Conti Systems, Inc. can help minimize the disruption to your business.

Without a doubt, you are likely aware of the supply chain constraints that we all continue to experience. We realize this situation directly impacts expected shipment timeframes causing major dissatisfaction and disruption for your business.


  • Severe access limitations to raw materials / components to build products.
  • Covid-19 related labor shortages in manufacturing & logistics.
  • Significant increases in demand for products in a recovering economy.

Current supply chain constraints are fluid and constantly changing day to day and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most manufacturers are doing their best to project availability, but this can be a moving target depending on many factors.


Long Lead Times – Barcode Equipment & Parts
Barcoding equipment is currently experiencing extended lead times never seen before. Some products can ship immediately, while others have lead times at or above 6 months. (We know… unbelievable). This is due to critical component shortages that aren’t just impacting the barcode equipment industry, it’s happening everywhere. Automobiles, appliances, furniture, electronics, etc.

Long Lead Times – Labels & Ribbon
Barcode labels & ribbons too are under severe pressure for mostly similar reasons. Severe shortages in raw materials used to produce your labels & ribbons chased by a huge increase in demand from a recovering economy has created the perfect storm.

Price Increases / Price Instability
The effects of inflation can be seen everywhere right now. The demand for products is far greater than the products available. In addition, the increasing cost of manufacturing, packaging and logistics are also creating upward pressure on prices. Currently, there is no reliable estimate marking the end of this.


The Conti Systems team is aware of this impact to your business and is fully committed to developing solutions to minimize the effects of these impacts for our customers. We speak with customers every day about the challenges and struggles they are facing. It is our responsibility to create solutions for customers from the aspects of this situation that we can control.

The entire barcoding equipment & supplies industry is in the same boat, from the manufacturers all the way down to the suppliers. There still only remains a finite number of products with a huge number of buyers chasing after them.   But Conti Systems is doing things differently than the rest of the barcode industry. Conti Systems is working smarter, much harder, and far more creatively than ever before, for you!