Conti Systems

Mobile Carts & Storage Lockers

Mobile Carts

Our selection of mobile workstations improve, speed, capacity, infrastructure costs, and employee productivity. These carts can provide true mobility within a facility. They eliminate unnecessary foot travel and paperwork. Instead of walking back and forth from a deskbound computer to printers and other devices used in tasks, all the necessary equipment can be brought to where the work is taking place.

Newcastle Mobile Cart Models

Automated Storage Lockers

The Axcess Automated Locker Systems provide secure accountability for reusable assets and consumable products, ensuring your team has exactly what they need, when and where they need it 24/7. Flexible configurations are tailored to fit your needs accommodating various sized and shaped items such as supplies, forward stock kits, parts, tools, handheld assets and more. Single & Multiple Item Dispense, Check-Out/Check-In, Loan Periods, Asset Management, Self-Service Automated Order Pick-up/Will Call are all possible with the Apex Axcess Automated Locker Systems.